Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades

Experience energy-efficiency in the most beautiful way. Honeycomb shades make a statement that makes a difference.

Product Details

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Honeycomb shades, the Hunter Douglas invention that revolutionized the window covering industry, are unique because of their patented honeycomb construction that traps air inside the cells to create the most energy efficient shades.

  • The latest innovation, Architella® Trielle® Elan™ is the most energy efficient Hunter Douglas window covering. Designed with five air pockets and six layers of fabric, Architella® Trielle® Elan™ provides superior energy savings in both warm and cold climates.
  • The honeycomb construction minimizes heat gain in summer and maximizes heat retention in winter.
  • More fabrics, opacities, pleat sizes, and colours than any other cellular shade.
  • Top-Down/ Bottom-Up and Duolite™ let you maximize natural light and privacy control.
  • Crisper pleats because of TruePleat™ inner cells that support the weight of the shade, so outer cells never flatten.